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The Advanced Filtering Module is part of the core JReviews package and allows you implement a great looking and powerful filtering solution for your JReviews site. Possible filters include categories, listing types, user & editor ratings, and custom fields.

You can create custom filter forms and we've made it dead-simple to use a single theme and module throughout the site through the use of display conditionals. These conditionals are based on directory, listing type and category and can be applied to individual filters or to a group of filters to simplify the markup code.

The module has an instant update feature so search results are updated on the page without page reloads. It's also mobile ready so it looks and works great on both on desktop and mobile devices. For a better user experience with the filtering module we also recommend enabling Ajax Pagination in the Configuration / Theme & Navigation tab.'


The only JReviews theme positions where Filters can be published with live updates enabled are: jr-review-filters and jr-listpage-below-pagetitle. Use the first one for review filtering in the listing detail pages. The second one shows in list pages and can be used for listings filtering. You can also use any Joomla template position or WordPress theme widget position that's available to you.


Configuring the module

Vertical and horizontal layouts

It is possible to change the layout of filters from vertical to horizontal via settings. You can see an example of the vertical layout above and the horizontal layout below.


Standard fields

The module provides parameters that allow you to enable filters for standard JReviews fields:

  • Category Field - Displays a list of categories
  • Listing Types Field - Displays a list of listing types. It should not be used together with Category Field filter.
  • Keywords Field - Text input. A Keyword Scope setting is also available where you can choose which standard fields will be searched
  • User Rating Field - Allows filtering by user rating (i.e. 3 stars & Up).
  • Editor Rating Field - Allows filtering by editor rating (i.e. 3 stars & Up).

Author field

You can add a listing author filter using the type "author" for the filter shortcode. In order for this filter to work, you also need to make sure that listing owner searches are allowed by enabling the functionality through the "Configuration / Search / Advanced Search / Allow searching by listing owner" setting.

[filter name="author" label="Author"]

Custom fields

In addition to filters for standard fields, the module allows you to create filters for custom fields via shortcodes, for example, this shortcode would display a filter for "jr_state" custom field:

[filter name="jr_state"]

Shortcodes can be either placed in the "THEME CUSTOMIZATION" module parameter or to the module's theme file: /views/themes/default/modules/filters.thtml

Shortcodes can have attributes to specify how and when the filter will be displayed, for example with additional attributes we can specify a custom label, make the options display as links and make the field appear only in directories 2 and 10:

[filter name="jr_state" label="State" display_as="link" show_dir="2,10" show_all="1" option_search="1"] 

If you decide you want a different order for the standard fields, or want to add conditionals to them, then you can disable the settings and use a similar shortcode syntax as the one for custom fields.

[filter name="categories" label="Categories" display_as="link" split_list="0"]

[filter name="listing_types" label="Listing Types" display_as="link" split_list="1"]

[filter name="keywords" label="Keywords"]

[filter name="rating" type="user" label="User Rating"]

[filter name="rating" type="editor" label="Editor Rating"]

Keep reading to learn more about the different attributes that can be used for the filter shortcode.

Basic filters & auto detect

Different combinations of settings will result in slightly different behavior of the filters so it's important to read the explanation below:

  • Auto detect enabled: then the category and listing type lists should be disabled. The point of auto-detect is that the results will be automatically filtered based on the current page and that would work well with category and detail pages. For directory pages it would just filter by directory initially.
  • Auto detect disabled, basic filters used, category and listing type lists hidden: In this scenario, the basic filters are added as hidden inputs. They are checked in this order: category, listing type, directory and only the first one that is not empty is used for filtering.
  • Auto detect disabled, basic filters used, category or listing type lists shown: The module will automatically limit the options shown in the category or listing type lists based on the selected values in basic filters.
    • To limit category list options only directory and category filters should be used.
    • To limit listing type list options only the listing type filters should be used. It's hard to limit the categories based on listing type because there can be many top level categories without a listing type.
    • Category and Listing Type filters should not be used together because selecting a listing type will not change the values of the category list.

Menu/Page Assignment

To use the Advanced Filtering Module it is important that you create a JReviews Advanced Search menu if you don't already have one, and that you make sure the Filtering Module is published to that page. When a user first uses the Advanced Filtering Module he will be taken to the advanced results page, if not already there. This happens whether you use the Live Updates feature in the module, to avoid page reloads, or not. It is through the use of the conditional attributes (i.e. show_dir, show_cat, etc. explained further below) that you will be able to have different filters appear in the search results, depending on which directory, listing type or category first used for filtering.


It is not possible to include custom fields inside a controlled Field Group as filters in the module. So for example, if you have a Field Group in the Field Group manager that is controlled by one or more Field Options, any custom fields inside that Field Group cannot be used as Filters.

Available shortcode attributes

Attribute Description Values Default value
name Name of the custom field - required attribute i.e. jr_address
label Title of the filter. Set to 0 to hide the label 0, text The custom field title
placeholder Placeholder text, used only for text inputs any custom text
display_as How the field will be displayed checkbox, select, link or linkboxed checkbox
auto_open Automatically toggles open the filter on page load to display the input or search options 0 or 1 0
show_cat The filter will be displayed only if specified categories are detected Comma separated list of category IDs
show_dir The filter will be displayed only if specified directories are detected Comma separated list of directory IDs
show_listing_type The filter will be displayed only if specified listing types are detected Comma separated list of listing type IDs
hide_cat The filter will be hidden when the specified categories are detected Comma separated list of category IDs
hide_dir The filter will be hidden when the specified directories are detected Comma separated list of directory IDs
hide_listing_type The filter will be hidden when the specified listing types are detected Comma separated list of listing type IDs
match_type Specifies the default query type for multiple select and checkbox custom fields all, any all
match_switch Enables the toggle switch for the match type for multiple select and checkbox custom fields 0 or 1 1
split_list Selected filter options are moved to the top of the list. 0 or 1 1
split_option_limit The split_list feature will only become active if the number of options for the field is higher than the specified limit. integer 10
show_all Limits the number of options shown in a checkbox or link list with a 'Show all' link at the bottom to expand the list 0 or 1 0
show_limit Sets the number of options shown when the show_all attribute is enabled integer 5
option_dialog When clicking the 'show all' link additional options are shown in a dialog, instead of inline 0 or 1 1
option_search Enables a search input within the individual checkbox, link, category, listing type filter 0 or 1 0
width Allows specifying a fixed width in pixels for an input in horizontal filtering integer na
preview Shows a preview of the selected options below the filter title, even when the filter is closed 0 or 1 1
slideout Enables the slide effect for the filter when the label is clicked 0 or 1 1
reset Adds a 'clear' link above the filter input to allow for quickly resetting all selected values for that filter 0 or 1 0
radius_min Minimum radius for proximity filter. Only works on the proximity search field. integer 10
radius_max Maximum radius for proximity filter. Only works on the proximity search field. integer 50
radius_step Radius step for proximity filter slider. Only works on the proximity search field. integer 10
radius_default Default radius for proximity filter. Only works on the proximity search field. integer 10

Grouping shortcodes

A filtergroup shortcode can be used to group individual filters. This isn't related to custom Field Groups as defined in the Field Group manager. It's more of a convenience method so you can apply conditional filters to a group of filters instead of having to do it individually. For example, we can group all restaurant field filters and use a 'show_listing_type' attribute to show them only when a restaurant listing type is detected:

[filtergroup name="Restaurants" show_listing_type="3"]

	[filter name="jr_cuisine" label="Cuisine" display_as="checkbox"]

	[filter name="jr_mealsserved" label="Meals Served"]

	[filter name="jr_restaurantpricerange" label="Price Range" display_as="linkboxed"]


Reset all selected values

You can enable the 'Clear all link' link in the module/widget settings if you want to offer users a quick way to reset all filter selections. However, if you want more control over the placement and display options you can also add the feature to the theme using the [reset] shortcode.


You can override the text for the link and also display it as a button.

[reset label="Clear filter values" display_as="button"]

If you have a category or listing type list in the form these will not be cleared because they are necessary to maintain the context for the site visitor.

Displaying filters on mobile devices

The Advanced Filters Module has the ability to convert to a "slideout panel" on mobile devices. The regular module becomes hidden on mobile devices and the slideout panel is activated when visitors click the Filters button in list page header. Example of the slideout panel on a mobile device:


The module provides settings that allow you to choose when to convert the regular module into the slideout panel:

Convert to mobile view - Select the breakpoint when to convert the module to slideout panel

Module container class - Specify the CSS class used by the module container so it can be hidden in mobile view. In other words, when the screen meets the mobile size requirements, we want to hide the module and to do that we need to know the class of the parent container for that module. For example, on our iReview template the module HTML markup looks like this:

<div class="moduleid-192 mod-container clearfix">
	<div class="mod-inner ">
		<h3 class="mod-title">Advanced Filtering</h3>
			<div class="mod-content"><div class="jr-page jrPage jr-filters-module jrFiltersModule jrForm">

So we use the mod-container class by default.

Module title class - Specify the CSS class used by the module title so it can be shown in the slideout panel. Similar to the previous setting, we use this setting to copy the module title to the mobile filtering panel. In our iReview template the module title class is mod-title so we use that as the default.

Theme example

Below we are providing an extended example you can use as reference. We are using a version of this on our demo site.

<!-- Places -->
[filter label="Proximity search" name="jr_address" placeholder="City, address, postal code" show_dir="2,10" radius_min="10" radius_max="100" radius_step="5" radius_default="30"]
[filter name="jr_state" label="" display_as="checkbox" show_dir="2,10"]
[filter name="jr_city" label="City" display_as="checkbox" show_dir="2,10"]
<!-- Businesses -->
[filter name="jr_services" label="" show_listing_type="1" show_cat="91"]
<!-- Hotels -->
[filtergroup name="Hotels" show_listing_type="2"]
	[filter name="jr_hotelamenities" display_as="checkbox"]
	[filter name="jr_hotelpricerange" display_as="linkboxed"]
<!-- Restaurants -->
[filtergroup name="Restaurants" show_listing_type="3"]
	[filter name="jr_cuisine" label="Cuisine" display_as="checkbox"]
	[filter name="jr_mealsserved" label=""]
	[filter name="jr_restaurantpricerange" label=""]
<!-- Bars -->
[filtergroup name="Bars" show_listing_type="4"]
	[filter name="jr_drinkoffering" label=""]
	[filter name="jr_barmusic" label=""]
	[filter name="jr_outdoorseating" label="Outdoor Seating"]
<!-- Products -->
[filtergroup name="Products" show_listing_type="8" show_dir="3"]
	[filter name="jr_productprice" label="Price"]
	[filter name="jr_brand" label="Brand" display_as="checkbox"]
<!-- Movies -->
[filtergroup name="Movies" show_dir="5"]
	[filter name="jr_directedby" label="Director"]
	[filter name="jr_writtenby" label="Writer"]
	[filter name="jr_actors" label="Actors"]
	[filter name="jr_year" label="Year"]
	[filter name="jr_mpaarating" label="MPAA Rating" display_as="linkboxed"]
<!-- Games -->
[filtergroup name="Games" show_dir="6"]
	[filter name="jr_publishedby" label="Publisher"]
	[filter name="jr_gamegenre" label="Genre"]
	[filter name="jr_gamereleasedate" label="Release Year"]
<!-- Real Estate -->
[filtergroup name="Real Estate" show_listing_type="13" show_cat="61"]
	[filter name="jr_realestateprice"]
	[filter name="jr_rooms"]
	[filter name="jr_bathrooms"]
<!-- Events -->
[filtergroup name="Events" show_dir="10"]
	[filter name="jr_venue" placeholder="Venue name"]
	[filter name="jr_eventdate"]
<!-- Cars -->
[filtergroup name="Cars" show_listing_type="14" show_cat="65"]
	[filter name="jr_carprice"]
	[filter name="jr_carmake"]
	[filter name="jr_carmodel"]
	[filter name="jr_caryear"]
<!-- Recipes -->
[filtergroup name="Recipes" show_dir="12"]
	[filter name="jr_recipetags"]
	[filter name="jr_servings"]
	[filter name="jr_totaltime"]
<!-- Software -->
[filtergroup name="Software" show_dir="8"]
	[filter name="jr_developer"]
	[filter name="jr_os"]