AlphaUserPoints integration

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JReviews integration with AlphaUserPoints extension supports these actions for points:

  • Listing submit and delete
  • Review submit and delete
  • Review comment submit and delete
  • Media submit and delete

To create rules for AUP points, download the package and extract it.

The package contains a separate xml file for each rule:

  • plgaup_jreviews_listing_add.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_listing_delete.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_review_add.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_review_delete.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_discussion_add.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_discussion_delete.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_media_add.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_media_delete.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_photo_add.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_photo_delete.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_video_add.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_video_delete.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_attachment_add.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_attachment_delete.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_audio_add.xml
  • plgaup_jreviews_audio_delete.xml

You don't need to import and use all rules. For media, you can chose between a generic rule that will assign points regardless of the type of media or separate rules for each individual media type.

To import those rules to AUP, go to the AlphaUserPoints component, click on Rules and then click the Plugins button in the toolbar. You will be taken to the Install new plugin rule page where you can upload the xml rule files.

After installing the rules, edit them to set the number of points for each rule and publish the rules.