City Guide with JReviews and Joomla - Part 4 - Creating Listing Types

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Listing Types define how the submission form and the listing detail page will look like. For example, hotels and restaurants will use the same custom fields for addresses, but it is also possible to create additional input fields (i.e. Amenities for hotels and Menu for restaurants). Whenever you want listings in different categories to have different form elements or different rating criteria, it is required to create separate listing types for those categories.

In this tutorial we will create 5 different listing types:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Museums
  • Businesses

Listing types will later be assigned to Joomla categories that we created. It is not required to create a separate listing type for every Joomla category, a single listing type can be assigned to multiple categories. Do this when listings in those categories don't need category specific custom fields or rating criteria. We will assign the Businesses listing type to all 3 Local Services subcategories because they can use the same custom fields and rating criteria.

When first creating listing type, choose the field groups in the top right corner, then save and define the rating criteria that will be used in reviews. Listing types have a lot of configuration overrides and other settings, but you can initially left everything by default. We will explore some of those settings later.

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