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Displaying user avatars in their listings, reviews, comments and linking to their profiles

To show user avatars in their listings, reviews and comments with links to their Community Builder profiles, it is required to enable Community Builder integration in JReviews Configuration:


Example of a user review with avatar and a link to the user profile:


Displaying listings, reviews and favorites of users on their profile pages

JReviews provides 3 Community Builder plugins for user profiles:

  • MyListings - displays listings submitted by the user
  • MyReviews - displays reviews submitted by the user
  • MyFavorites - displays list of user's favorite listings

These plugins are not installed by default. To install them, download the latest JReviews package from the client area and locate these installation files:

  • /package_jreviews_2.4.x_unzip_first/plugins_community_builder/
  • /package_jreviews_2.4.x_unzip_first/plugins_community_builder/
  • /package_jreviews_2.4.x_unzip_first/plugins_community_builder/

To install the plugins, go to the Community Builder component, click the Plugin Management and at the bottom of the page you will find the plugin installer:


Publish the plugins after the installation.

To configure the plugins, go to the Community Builder Tab Management and click on a plugin name. Most of the plugin parameters are the same as those of JReviews Listings and JReviews Reviews modules.

Example of a MyReviews plugin displayed in a user profile:


Integrating Community Builder and JReviews Everywhere add-on for profile reviews

With JReviews Everywhere add-on you can have the ability for users to review each other. This integration is shown in the Everywhere Add-on manual.