Custom module positions in JReviews theme files

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Adding custom module positions

You can create a custom module position in a JReviews theme file using this code:

<?php $Jreviews->loadModulePosition('user1'); ?>

Replace user1 with the actual position name that you want.

Assigning modules to default module positions in JReviews themes.

JReviews has some default module positions (useful for assigning modules with ads between listings and reviews):

All list pages:

  • jr-listpage-below-pagetitle
  • jr-listpage-below-map

Blogview list page:

  • jr-blogview-below-listing1
  • jr-blogview-below-listing2
  • jr-blogview-below-listing3
  • jr-blogview-below-listing4
  • jr-blogview-last

Listing detail page:

  • jr-detail-below-fields
  • jr-detail-below-socialbookmarks
  • jr-detail-below-bottom-media
  • jr-detail-above-reviews ← also below map
  • jr-detail-above-map ← only shows if map is present on page
  • jr-detail-below-map ← only shows if map if present on page
  • jr-detail-below-editorreviews
  • jr-detail-below-review1
  • jr-detail-below-review2
  • jr-detail-below-review3

Listing Card Layouts

  • jr-listings-card-position-1
  • jr-listings-card-position-2
  • jr-listings-card-position-3
  • jr-listings-card-position-4
  • jr-listings-card-position-last

All pages with a list of reviews

  • jr-reviewspage-above-reviews


To display a module below first listing on blogview page, edit the module in Module Manager and paste jr-blogview-below-listing1 to the Position input. Then press "Enter" to add it.


The module will be displayed like this: