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Read Creating JReviews Menu Items for detailed steps on how to create a JReviews menu item.

The Directory page is used to display all categories that you use with JReviews. The advantage of the directory page over regular category pages is that the directory page can display all levels of categories. The directory page can't display listings.

Example of a directory page can be seen on the JReviews demo site:

The Directory menu item has these parameters:


Directory - if you leave this parameter unselected, the page will display all directories. If you select a specific directory, only that one will be displayed.

Theme suffix - enter a theme suffix if you want a specific theme file to be used for this page.

The directory menu item has additional Configuration Overrides parameters:


These parameters will override the settings from the global JReviews Configuration, Directory tab, but only if you set Enable Overrides to Yes.

Remember to click the "Clear Cache & File Registry" link in JReviews administration whenever you edit this menu item and adjust its parameters.