FBAppFactory Add-on Overview

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The FB App Factory Add-on for JReviews allows you to create, brand and distribute your own Facebook applications. Those applications will display widgets setup via the WidgetFactory Add-on and drive additional traffic to your website. Example of an app:


You will be able to distribute Facebook apps from your site and if you create a detail page for the App on Facebook, it will be possible to find it in Facebook search results.

Live example of apps that anyone can add to their Facebook pages can be found on the JReviews demo site:


The apps can be seen live on the official JReviews FB page:


The FB App Factory add-on will also track impressions and clicks, the same as the WidgetFactory does for widgets:



The WidgetFactory Add-on - before you can create Facebook Apps that will display the widgets, first you need to create the widgets in the WidgetFactory Add-on.

A valid SSL certificate - The FB App Factory Add-on will only work if your site has a valid SSL certificate to allow secure connections. This is because Facebook requires a secure connection from the App to your site. That doesn't mean you must change your site to SSL for all of your traffic right away. JReviews has a new SSL setting that allows you to change the JReviews URLs to no-SSL even when accessed via an SSL URL.