How to hide the map from certain categories

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Each listing type in JReviews has settings to hide the map from all categories that use that listing type:


If you want to hide the map from specific categories regardless of the listing type, you can customize the theme files to remove the map code:

  • \com_jreviews\jreviews\views\themes\default\listings\detail.thtml
  • \com_jreviews\jreviews\views\themes\default\listings\listings_blogview.thtml

First create copies of those files and rename them to this:

  • detail_nomap.thtml - listing detail page
  • listings_blogview_nomap.thtml - category list page

Then delete the code for maps in those files and clear the File Registry in JReviews configuration.

To hide the map from specific categories, use the Category Layout Manager and add a "_nomap" theme suffix to those categories.