How to set default website custom field value to http://

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The website custom field requires a full url to be entered, including http://.

If users enter urls without it, the validation will fail.

To prevent this, you can use Javascript to automatically add http:// as the field value.

To do that, edit this file:

  • \com_jreviews\jreviews\views\themes\default\listings\create_form.thtml

Find this code in the file:

/********************************************************************************** *                                 EDIT HTML BELOW THIS LINE **********************************************************************************/

and paste this Javascript code below it:

<script type="text/javascript">
  jQuery(function() {
        var websiteFields = ['jr_linka', 'jr_linkb']; // names of website custom fields
        jQuery.each(websiteFields, function(i, val){
            var el = jQuery("input."+val);
                if (el.val() == '') {
                if (el.val() == 'http://') {

Enter the names of your website custom fields into the websiteFields array.