List page map overlapping template header

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If your Joomla template uses a fixed header/menu, it is possible that the map on JReviews list pages will overlap the header when scrolling the page.

To fix the conflict, it is necessary to push down the map by the height of the header. To do that, modify this file:

  • /components/com_jreviews_addons/geomaps/views/js/geomaps.js

Find this line in the file:

var y = $(this).scrollTop()

and add the height of your fixed header like this:

var y = $(this).scrollTop()+55;

If you enabled Load All Minified in JReviews Configuration, you will need to create a minified geomaps-ck.js file as well.

Besides the change in the geomaps.js file, it is necessary to set the height like this in the custom_styles.css file of your JReviews theme:

.jrMapResultsWrapper.fixed {
    top: 55px !important;

In these examples, 55 represents the height of the header/menu.