Listing Claims Functionality

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Listing Claims Overview

The Listing Claims functionality makes it possible for members of the site to request permission to become owners of certain listings, in order to be able to update listings with additional information.

This is most useful for sites with local businesses. Administrator can submit a lot of listings for businesses, and if Listing Claims functionality is enabled, business owners will be able to "claim their listings".

How it works

1. When a user finds a listing that he wants to claim, he can click Claim This Business at the top of the listing detail page:


2. After clicking Claim This Business, he can provide information that will allow the site administrator to verify the ownership claim:


3. The site administrator will see the message in the Listing Claims moderation page and he can accept, reject or hold the claim:


4. If the administrator approves the claim, the user will become the owner of the listing and he will be able to modify or update the listing information.

Listing Claims Settings

To enable this functionality and change its settings, go to JReviews Configuration => Listings tab

Listing Claims Modifications

To modify the layout of the "Claim listing" form, edit this theme file:

  • \com_jreviews\jreviews\views\themes\default\claims\create.thtml