Making the core rating system work on JReviews pages

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By default JReviews disables core ratings in the categories where it is used to avoid duplicate ratings (core + JReviews) if you have enabled core ratings in Joomla to use outside of JReviews.

If you want to use both core ratings + JReviews on the same pages, then you need to edit two JReviews files.

To enable core ratings for listings on Joomla category pages, edit this file:

  • /components/com_jreviews/jreviews/controllers/com_content_controller.php

Comment out this line (it exists on several different places in the file):


To enable core ratings for listings on listing detail pages, edit this file:

  • /components/com_jreviews/jreviews/includes/plugins/jreviews.php

and comment out the same line as above.