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Read Creating JReviews Menu Items for detailed steps on how to create a JReviews menu item.

The Media pages display media items (photos, videos, attachments, audio files) based on how you configure the menu parameters.

Example of a "Latest Media" page can be seen on the JReviews demo site

The Discussions menu item has these parameters:


Type of Menu - available options:

  • Media List - dispays all media items based on the below parameters.
  • My Media - displays media items submitted by the logged in user. Should be created in a "User Menu" that isn't visible to guest visitors.

Order - choose how the media items will be ordered (Newest | Oldest | Most liked | Most viewed).

Show Order List - if set to Yes, users will be able to reorder media items.

Media Type - choose All to show all types of media or only a specific type.

Show Media Type Filter if set to Yes, users will be able to filter media items by type.

Extension - filter media items by component.

Description - custom description that will appear on top of the page.

Show Description - choose to show or hide the description.

Page total - total number of media items that will be shown.

Limit per page - how many media items will be shown per page.

Theme suffix - enter a theme suffix if you want a specific theme file to be used for this page.