Moving a JReviews install to a different server

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Sometimes when you move your site to a different server, the first thing you'll see when you try to open a JReviews page is the following error:

Fatal error: Class 'I18n' not found in /path/to/joomla/root/components/com_s2framework/s2framework/basics.php on line 206

You will need to use your ftp client to go to the /components/com_s2framework/tmp/cache/core folder and delete the file: s2_jreviews_paths_{random_numbers}

This is the JReviews File Registry and JReviews will automatically create a new one for you.

I deleted the file and the error is still there, what now?

If the error doesn't go away, make sure all the folders under /components/com_s2framework/tmp are writable. In most cases this means you need to make sure they are writable and have the correct ownership for your server's account.

Now I am getting an invalid license error message

If both server and domain were moved read How to move the JReviews license to a different domain.