Optimizing the performance of your JReviews site

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The performance of a site depends on many factors that range from hardware to the scripts running on the site.

If you have a large database and growing traffic consider moving to a VPS or dedicated server

Shared environments limit the resources allocated to your site and sometimes host hundreds of other sites on the same server.

Avoid installing dozens of modules and plugins on the site. Keep only those that are indispensable

Everything you install on your Joomla site consumes resources and degrades performance. That includes components, modules and plugins. The more scripts you have running on the page, the more resources that page will use.

When using the GeoMaps module, avoid having thousands of markers displaying at once

Rendering each marker takes time and affects load time. The add-on will eventually be re-written to load the map via ajax after the page finishes loading, but until that time you should know that the more markers displayed on the map, the slower the page.

Sites with large data sets must avoid using any modules or pages that display random results

This includes the random modes for JReviews modules as well. The worst case scenario for random ordering in MySQL requires a full table scan which can be extremely slow with a large number of records.