The listing or review form submission hangs

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  • Add the &tmpl=component param to the url. If you use a sef component then add ?tmpl=component. This will remove your Joomla template and modules and load JReviews by itself. Now try the submission again. If it works it means there's a conflict with a module or plugin that is also loading on that page.
  • Look at the source of the page (without the tmpl=component parameter) on your browser and search for other instances of jQuery. If another extension loads jQuery you need to disable it to find out if that is what is causing the problem.
  • Try disabling 3rd party plugins and modules until you find the conflicting one.
  • Check the conflicts board on the forum.
  • Try disabling email notifications and auto-tweets in order to rule those out as being the cause of the problem.
  • Use Firebug to view the response of the ajax request once you click on submit. This will appear in the Console tab in Firebug and you need to click on the response tab of the request that appears when you press the submit button. Let us know what the response is in your forum post or ticket.