Totals Module

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Totals Module is a very simple module that displays the total number of listings and reviews.

Example of the module layout:


Totals Module Parameters


Everywhere Extension - if you want to limit results to a specific extension, then enter it here (i.e. com_content, com_virtuemart, com_sobi2, etc.). Only ONE extension at a time!

JReviews Theme Suffix - this suffix will be applied to the module view file and is useful to create multiple instances of the module that have different outputs.

Customizing the Totals Module

If you want to customize the theme file of the Totals Module, this is its default location:

  • /com_jreviews/jreviews/views/themes/default/modules/totals.thtml

Before you start customizing the theme files, make sure you read about JReviews Code Overrides functionality and create a custom theme.

You can create multiple custom copies of the Totals Module theme file and enter their suffixes in the Theme Suffix parameter. Remember to clear JReviews File Registry when creating new theme files.