Using Autocomplete UI for custom fields

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In JReviews 2.3, the Single Select and Multiple Select custom field types can now use alternative Autocomplete UI on the submit forms.

To enable Autocomplete UI, edit one of your select custom fields, and set Use Auto Complete UI to Yes:


Autocomplete UI is not available for RadioButtons or Checkbox field types, but it is possible to switch to the select type of custom fields if you want.

The Autocomplete UI is very useful if your fields have many options. For example if you have a product type of site with a Brand custom field, instead of displaying hundreds of brands in a single select, the Autocomplete will suggest options after typing first few letters:


If users type a brand that doesn't exist yet, they will see a 'No results found' message and they'll be able to add a new value by clicking the Add button:


Autocomplete UI is even more useful for fields that require multiple values, for example: