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Accessing data in the listing array

The $listing array contains a lot of useful information about a particular listing.

It is used in these files:

  • /listings/detail.thtml
  • /listings/detail_tabs.thtml
  • /listings/detail_compact.thtml
  • /listings/listings_blogview.thtml
  • /listings/listings_blogview_compact.thtml
  • /listings/listings_tableview.thtml
  • /listings/listings_thumbview.thtml
  • /listings/listings_masonry.thtml
  • /modules/listings.thtml

In these files you can add any data from the $listing array. Here is a list of the most commonly used variables.

<?php echo $listing['Listing']['listing_id'];?>
Listing ID
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['title'];?>
Listing Title
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['slug'];?>
Listing Alias
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['summary'];?>
Listing summary text
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['description'];?>
Listing description text
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['text'];?>
Summary + Description
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['media_count'];?>
Media count
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['photo_count'];?>
Photo count
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['video_count'];?>
Video count
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['audio_count'];?>
Audio count
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['attachment_count'];?>
Attachment count
<?php echo $listing['Listing']['hits'];?>
Number of visits
<?php echo $Time->nice($listing['Listing']['created']);?>
Created date
<?php echo $Time->nice($listing['Listing']['modified']);?>
Modified date
<?php echo $listing['Category']['cat_id'];?>
Category ID
<?php echo $listing['Category']['title'];?>
Category Title
<?php echo $listing['Category']['slug'];?>
Category Alias
<?php echo $listing['Directory']['dir_id'];?>
Directory ID
<?php echo $listing['Directory']['title'];?>
Directory Title
<?php echo $listing['ListingType']['listing_type_id'];?>
Listing Type ID
<?php echo $listing['User']['user_id'];?>
Listing author's ID
<?php echo $listing['User']['name'];?>
Listing author's real name
<?php echo $listing['User']['username'];?>
Listing author's username
<?php echo $listing['User']['email'];?>
Listing author's email
<?php echo $listing['Review']['user_rating'];?>
User rating
<?php echo $listing['Review']['user_rating_count'];?>
Number of user ratings
<?php echo $listing['Review']['user_review_count'];?>
Number of user reviews
<?php echo $listing['Review']['editor_rating'];?>
Editor rating
<?php echo $listing['Review']['editor_rating_count'];?>
Number of editor ratings
<?php echo $listing['Review']['editor_review_count'];?>
Number of editor reviews
<?php echo $listing['MainMedia']['media_info']['image']['url'];?>
Main Media URL
<?php echo $listing['Favorite']['favored'];?>
Number of users who added listing to their favorite list
<?php echo $listing['Claim']['approved'];?>
The listing's current claim status


You can use any of the above variables to create conditionals, for example:

<?php if($listing['Review']['user_review_count']): // if user review exists ?>
  // display something
<?php else: ?>
  // display something else
<?php endif;?>

Accessing the Listing Type title

If you need to get the listing type title for a particular listing use the code below in listing detail pages:

<?php echo $this->listing_type->title;?>

In list pages or modules where there's more than one listing you need to access the title directly from the ListingTypes service container like this:

<?php echo $this->listing_type->getById($listing['ListingType']['listing_type_id'])['ListingType']['title'];?>

The code above can also be written in a more readable way shown below:

$listingTypeId = $listing['ListingType']['listing_type_id'];
$listingType = $this->listing_type->getById($listingTypeId);
echo $listingType['ListingType']['title'];