WidgetFactory Add-on Overview

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The WidgetFactory add-on for JReviews allows you to create remote widgets with listing information that publishers will place on their websites and drive traffic to your site. The add-on can also track widget impressions and clicks on links in the widget.

Widget Types

There are two types of widgets:

Many listings - displays multiple listings in a widget (i.e. List of top rated listing, listings in a specific category, etc.). Example:


One listing - displays a single listing (i.e. listing information with reviews and photo gallery). Example:


Both types of widgets have many parameters to choose to control the information shown and its layout. Some of the parameters can be customized by publishers as well. Widgets can be further customized by modifying their theme files.

Widget Statistics

The add-on is capable of tracking widget impressions and clicks (if enabled in the configuration) and on the add-on Summary page you can see impressions and clicks charts:


On the add-on Statistics page you can find detailed statistics of widgets, source sites, referrer page and target pages: