How to migrate JReviews data from Joomla to WordPress

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If you are using JReviews for Joomla and want to switch from Joomla to WordPress, it is possible to migrate JReviews data from your Joomla site to a new WordPress installation. For this, you need a JReviews for WordPress license and the 3rd party WordPress plugin FG Joomla to WordPress and JReviews add-on for the same plugin.

While we are providing the steps below to help with your migration, we do not provide support for migration-related issues. You should contact the developer of the migration plugin for support.

The JReviews Joomla subscription is not valid for WordPress. You need to buy a separate JReviews WordPress subscription.


  • It is important that you begin the migration with an up to date JReviews version in Joomla to ensure the database structure is up to date.
  • While many clients have been successful with their migration, a few others, mainly with very large sites, have faced problems.

Migration steps

  • Create a new WordPress installation
  • In WordPress sidebar, go to Settings -> Permalinks and enable permalinks (it is recommended to choose Post name option).
  • Install JReviews for WordPress (first install the S2Framework plugin and activate it, then install JReviews plugin, activate it and complete the installation). It is not necessary to enter your license number or set up anything yet.
  • Install FG Joomla to WordPress plugin and activate it
  • Install JReviews add-on for the above plugin and activate it as well
  • In WordPress sidebar, go to the Tools -> Import and click on Joomla (FG)
  • It is recommended to click on Empty WordPress content button before doing the migration:


  • Populate Joomla URL and database parameters and click the Test the connection to check that everything is ok.
  • Populate Behavior parameters based on your choice.
  • Click Import content from Joomla to WordPress button to start the import process:


  • After the import completes, click the Remove the prefixes from the categories button:


  • The plugin will not transfer your media files. To transfer them, copy the root/media/reviews directory from Joomla to WordPress (the same path is used).
  • Click on JReviews in WordPress sidebar and paste your JReviews for WordPress license number.
  • Go through the JReviews links in JReviews administration sidebar and confirm that all data is imported.
  • The plugin will import your Joomla menus as well. In WordPress sidebar go to Appearance -> Menus, find a menu that contains categories and set it as the Primary Menu.
  • Go to the WP frontend, click on category and listing pages and check if everything works correctly.
  • In the Fields Manager, edit each custom field and review the Access Settings. Since the user groups are different in WordPress you need to re-select the appropriate view and submit groups for each custom field.
  • If you have been upgrading Joomla from old versions, you will also need to modify the Click2search URL for custom fields. Copy the default value shown for the setting description and paste it in the setting input.

If something is missing or you think you didn't choose the best migration options, you can go back to import tool, click on Empty WordPress content and start over.

If everything looks ok, you can continue with the setup of your WordPress site. Create JReviews pages/menus and configure JReviews Widgets (ex modules in Joomla).

Keep in mind that WordPress URLs will not necessary remain the same as the Joomla ones. If you had a live Joomla site with URLs indexed by Google, it is recommended to setup 301 redirects from old URLs to the new ones.