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'''At this time the Add-on doesn't have an administrative interface because all settings are read directly from the JReviews configuration'''.
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== Installing the Add-on ==
== Installing the Add-on ==

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Installing the Add-on

The first thing you need to do after ordering the Add-on is to click on the 'Refresh License' button in the JReviews administration (in Joomla or WordPress). After that you should see the AMP Add-on appear in the list of active Add-ons and you can then go to the Remote Install & Updates page to continue with the installation.


When developing the AMP Add-on for JReviews we decided to use existing solutions for AMP so you can more easily implement a sitewide AMP experience. Because these solutions produce simple versions of JReviews listing detail pages, the goal of the Add-on is to display these pages in their full glory and implement AMP-native features for photos, videos and social sharing based on your JReviews configuration settings.

In order to use the Add-on you also need one of the solutions mentioned below:

In Joomla the Add-on works with either of these two commercial plugins: jAmp by J!Extensions Store and wbAMP by Weeblr.

In WordPress the Add-on works with the free AMP plugin developed by Automatic, the company behind WordPress.

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