JReviews Joomla event triggers for use in Joomla plugins

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List of available events

Core Joomla plugin events

  • onContentBeforeSave
  • onContentAfterSave
  • onContentChangeState

JReviews plugin events

  • onBeforeReviewCommentDelete
  • onAfterReviewCommentCreate
  • onAfterFavoriteAdd
  • onAfterFavoriteRemove
  • onBeforeListingDelete
  • onAfterListingCreate
  • onAfterListingUpdate
  • onAfterMediaLikeYes
  • onAfterMediaLikeNo
  • onAfterMediaUpload
  • onBeforeReviewDelete
  • onAfterReviewCreate
  • onAfterReviewVoteYes
  • onAfterReviewVoteNo

The event class method receives an argument that is an array with useful info related to the object. A simple JReviews Joomla plugin that performs an action after a listing is added to favorites would look like this:

class plgJreviewsExample extends JPlugin { 
    * After listing added to favorites 	 
    * @param  array $data   array('listing_id','listing','url') 	 
   function onAfterFavoriteAdd($data) {
      // Your event logic goes here. The $data array contains more information about the listing that was just added to favorites.

Download an installable Joomla plugin for JReviews with all event methods in place plg_jreviews_example.zip