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What happens to my existing listings, reviews and customizations when I upgrade

Upgrading JReviews does not remove your configuration settings, or any of your existing data such as listings and reviews. These are stored in the database and the upgrades affect mostly the file system. If an upgrade requires database changes, then this is automatically taken care of by JReviews. If you've made any theme or code changes, you should make a backup of your modified files before proceeding with the upgrade.

Remote Update

You can do a one-click remote update by using the Install & Update menu in the JReviews administration under the Maintenance header on the left column. Always update the s2framework first and JReviews second.

Remember to backup any files you've customized because they will be replaced during the update. You can use the JReviews Code Overrides to move the files outside the core folders to prevent them from being overwritten.

We recommend that you use a development server to test the update first and that you rename the jreviews_overrides folder to something else and clear the file registry before you update.

The update doesn't work, what now?

If you get a blank page or are not able to see any options to update, read this article.

Otherwise, for Joomla users, try enabling FTP Layer in Joomla Global Configuration and try again. If that doesn't help, use your ftp client to temporarily modify the permissions of the Joomla /tmp folder to 777 and do the same with the components' administrator and frontend folders. For example /administrator/components/com_jreviews and /components/com_jreviews.

Finally, you can also use the regular update method described below.

Manual upgrade

  1. If you are upgrading your production server it's always a good idea to perform a full backup of your site, including database and files, in case you need to revert the upgrade. A useful Joomla extension for this is Akeeba Backup.
  2. Backup your JReviews theme and other files if you made changes to them. It is not necessary to do this if you are using JReviews Code Overrides feature to put modified files outside the /components/com_jreviews folder.
  3. Go to the Joomla Extensions Manager and uninstall both S2Framework and JReviews components.
  4. Install new versions of S2 Framework and JReviews Component.
  5. Re-upload your modified JReviews theme files (only if you are upgrading from a minor release, otherwise your old theme files might not be up to date).
  6. Clear the browser cache! Otherwise you may end up with non-working links.

Upgrading to JReviews 2.7 from 2.5 and older

Read Upgrading to JReviews 2.7

Troubleshooting a broken upgrade

The most important thing to do when an upgrade presents broken functionality is to test the same function without any theme or code changes. If you use the code overrides functionality, you should rename the jreviews_overrides folder and clear the file registry. If the issue is solved, it means you need to update your modified files to bring them up to date with their most recent versions.

If you have made any theme or code changes read What happens with modified files when JReviews is upgraded